Can we avert a Zombie Apocalypse?

On Thursday, I will vote to Remain in the European Union as one small act to avert a Zombie Apocalypse.

2016-06-21 22.25.53-2 2016-06-21 22.27.12-1

The Leave side has been fronted chiefly by Boris Johnson, combining personal ambition with muddled thinking, Nigel Farage, whose mission it is to make racism respectable, Ian Duncan Smith, whose brand is bland callousness and the shiny neo-conservative zealot, Michael Gove. They have chosen to lead with meme-like lies, fanning the flames of hatred and xenophobia.

2016-06-21 22.27.26-2 2016-06-21 22.25.39-2

I acknowledge that for people of good will, there are rational arguments for staying in or exiting the EU. In or out, we must continue the struggle to protect the planet, promote diversity and opportunity, and favour freedom from poverty, disease, ignorance and oppression. Like many others, I have an instinctive distrust of self-styled experts and think tanks lining up alongside a political elite.

2016-06-21 22.26.13-2 1

However, for me the chief argument against leaving the EU is the Leave campaign itself. We have seen the politics of greed and entitlement lead to the politics of austerity, now transformed to the politics of hate. This is the pathway to fascism.

On Thursday, I will vote Remain as one small act to avert that particular Zombie Apocalypse.

15 responses to “Can we avert a Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. Great drawings indeed! I too will be RemaINing – goodness what would happen if all those oaps sunning themselves in Malaga came home? No end of moaning about the weather. I do have other reasons for staying IN.

  2. Great drawings KA, especially Farage and IDS, made me chuckle. The campaigning for this has been absolutely appalling yet conversely will encourage a large turnout. It’s been so depressing how the green light given to hate has been so eagerly snapped up by so many. The campaign for remain has been pathetic too. Desperate times

    • Hi OA
      These were a rush job last night. There’s one of Boris I didn’t post which has too many lines. Gove was second and it shows – still too many lines. Then I loosened up. In the third, a Boris, I drew the lines round the eyes and, seeing these without pupils, I saw the zombie in him. That led into the others. It doesn’t take much to make Farage look sinister. IDS worked better than I expected.
      I agree about the campaigns. Labour does have a positive vision about being in Europe but it kind of depends on being in power. With Tories in power, either side still favours rich elites and corporations over ordinary people and social action. It’s as I said, the Leave campaign is what persuaded me most strongly to vote Remain.

  3. Watching with great interest from the other side of the world! Hoping that Remain wins the day. I get the impression that some expect a return to the empire if they exit, clearly haven’t realised that the world has moved on! PS Love the Boris sketches, he’s the one I’m most familiar with.

    • There will be a need for satire. What’s the feeling in Wales now the votes are cast? Here, there is a sense of sheepishness and embarrassment, like people wanted to protest but didn’t think it was for real. But who knows. In my industry, health and life sciences there are real concerns for the future: clinical research could be badly hit.

      • That’s the problem, the bad effects. I don’t think even the Brexit campaign leaders anticipated this win and there are people backpedalling on social media that they wanted to vote for a protest and didn’t really mean it. Well, too late. Wales receives more EU funding than any other part of the UK and now people have gone and blown it. Can’t quite believe it.

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