is there a way through this?

So this is the finished oil painting.  Finished in the sense I don’t propose to work more on it.  The series leading to this is below in chronological order, starting with the charcoal sketch, which was then transferred to the canvas.

Part of the challenge here was simply experimenting with mixing paint and applying it to the canvas.

So this is the point I should have stepped back and been careful to retain the structure of the foreground from the original sketch.

So it was with this iteration I lost the structure in the lower right quadrant, obscuring this with vegetation rising from the bottom of the canvas.  Part of the challenge was my clumsiness with using the brush to apply a clean stroke of paint

This version had been digitally altered to variegate depth of tone, as an exploration of how to proceed, leading to the final version.

So there were various bits I like along the journey but the final painting does not pull them together.  Time to stop.  More sketching needed with an eye to the subsequent painting.