Hunched, edematous¬†and dishevelled, angry, apocalyptic, snide, the only guy in the room who actually read books, less strategist than plotter …

The Republican establishment machine-man, despairing, scapegoated, mocked for his diminutive size …

The corporate Democrat, propelled as family to the highest of roles without qualification, aptitude, preparation or moral compass … drawn to rich power-men …


Impressions from Michael Wolff “Fire and Fury”


The sightless’ guide taken

Sophocles: Oedipus in Colonos

Oedipus: Ho, friends! ye will not surely play me false? Chase this ungodly villain from your land.

Chorus: Hence, stranger, hence avaunt! Thou doest wrong in this, and wrong in all that thou hast done.

Creon to his guards: ‘Tis time by force to carry off the girl, if she refuse of her free will to go.