Reclining male nude

This was an early attempt at life drawing.  I used what has become my favourite medium, at least for now, the combination of sepia and paynes grey inks sloshed into wet paper.  I drew directly in ink, covering over my corrections to define the shapes.  I enjoy the spontaneity of this whereas my recent attempts to use a wider repertoire of colour have failed badly.  A lot to learn still.

life drawing classes

Is the human form the oldest object of artistic endeavour?

This painting was done in a drop in life drawing class in the Midlands Arts Centre  The group was led by Paul Bartlett.  Briony (thanks for allowing me to post this image) is a great model.

My style is haphazard – building the initial shapes in acrylic ink then overlaying that in gouache.  I started in the middle and found I had no space for her head by the time I reached the edge of the paper.

ten minute exercises

Sometimes I need to draw practice pieces from photographs.  The Figure and Gesture site (see links) has proved to be a great resource in this way.  There is a selection of images of nude and clothed models and a setup that enables the challenge of ten-minute warm-up exercises.  Here are two such sketches.

The ink is acrylic sepia and interestingly Parker’s black fountain pen ink – I had not guessed that it separates into greens and yellows when diluted.


In the UK, there are few really majestic displays of massed wildlife.  However, large flocks of birds are dramatic, from the geometric shapes woven by murmurations of starlings to the acrobatics of flocks of lapwings.  This is something I want to develop as a theme in my art.  For now I am posting a series of archived sketches. This simple painting was the first time I tried to depict this, starting with looking out to sea.