Mark making V

This is the last of this series.  The common thread was to use pen marks to build texture, irrespective of the colour applied over the top.  In this and all the others, I have tended to use the pen to draw outlines and then fill in texture in the enclosed shapes.

2016-06-13 ill fitting lock gates 1

This drawing was made last weekend from a vantage point viewing the water jetting through flaws in the closed lock gates.

When I next get out to sketch, which is unlikely to be today, I will aim to draw no hard outlines, but use the pen to just build textures so that the watercolour layers define the shapes.

8 responses to “Mark making V

    • Thanks. Actually I agree, this is a better than usual composition. My sketches tend to be simple horizontal line defining landscape plus things dotted on it. A learning point, which I might not have seen without your comment.

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