I can’t find the person in the marks

My son has a delicacy and charm to his features that I wholly fail to represent here.

Like all growing children, his head is completely out of proportion – a great big bonce surmounts an undersized face, large eyes but a jaw too small for his tombstone gnashers.  I typically miss this and make him look too grown up with coarse features.

What I did like about this sketch was that it shows him folded up, typical of him when he is reading.  That is true to life.

If he spots me drawing him, he pulls faces.

If I could capture his expressions as he attempts to sabotage my drawing I would be happy indeed.

I will keep trying.

The last sketch was done in a brief minute as he stood in the nest half way up the climbing apparatus in the park.

20140424 10 Joseph





sitting on rocks, watching the sea

I took little in the way of drawing stuff on holiday, intending to be more sociable.   To balance this, I also took a ukulele.  Unfortunately, my skills on the uke are even less than at drawing.  Fortunately, I can only post the drawings.  I mostly tried to draw the children at quieter moments when they were still.

I used the Lamy Safari pen, brush pen and water to move the ink.  The surface is the fairly impermeable paper in the moleskine sketchbook, which causes the ink to bead and move unpredictably.