Time is marked by alternating notes and pacing limbs.  Before the shut door, the woman plucks the courage to knock. A single chord and a sudden dip in posture mark this moment : a pause, an acknowledgment that with the knock, action has been taken, consequences will follow. There is a grittiness, an edge, a rawness to this short clip of ballet.  It is not what you might call pretty.   This is courtship and it is about sex. Before drawing those pieces, I watched the clip over and over, painting largely without looking on scraps of paper, trying to get the feeling and rhythm of the work. These pencil, charcoal and watercolour studies are derived from this clip from the Mats Ek ballet with the haunting strings of Fläskkvartetten (Innocent from Pärlor Från Svin).

5 responses to “Dance

  1. Greetings from Italy! I especially like this. Also, thank you very much for your like for “Leadership” and visiting my art activities on

  2. I love this and I love the idea of working from a video clip. You really absorbed the emotion into your drawing and painting. Have you ever danced Argentine Tango? I did a couple of sketches because it is such an emotional high, I am going to borrow your idea of watching Tango clips and sketching with more emotion. Thank you and thank you, I have only recently started sketching and I am loving it.

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