End of the afternoon

2016-07-18 18.53.49-1

When the procession of cars had left, I took a few moments alone by the graveside.  As a way to focus on the moment, I drew these lines in a pocket book and later added crayon.  I should have drawn fewer lines: it would have worked better, meant more.

My mother lies in that earth, in a coffin of woven banana leaves, covered by flowers taken from our gardens, lowered there by us who then scattered soil and petals and rosemary.  She will have a plaque flush with the ground and within a season her resting place will be overgrown by tall grasses and wild meadow flowers.  She chose to be buried at the top of a slope, so she might have a view.

In all the years, I  have only drawn her twice.  The sketch below was sometime this year and, inevitably, at a pub meal.


Preparing for the funeral, we unearthed dozens of old photographs.  Over the coming months I hope to re-imagine family from old images, not as copies but as new art, as remembrance.   I would welcome links to your pages if you have done this too.


20 responses to “End of the afternoon

  1. When I saw an earlier post I wondered if that is what had happened. My sympathy as you pass this sad life milestone. This has been a tough year in so many ways!

  2. My sincere condolences. This is such a touchingly personal and significant commemoration, I have no doubt that you will treasure both these pictures, and the memories they represent.

    • Thanks
      I hope to spend a bit of time at the burial ground. Drawing is a form of contemplation. I remember the piece you linked to and I always enjoy the way you meld words and images.

    • Thanks Rose
      Though none of us really know each other, it felt right to share this sketch and its meaning.
      After I chatted to my youngest first cousin, herself an artist though taking time off with young children.

  3. My sympathy. A brave and honest drawing.
    I tried drawing my mum lots of times, but I never got her right. But the the drawings remind me of the occasions we spent together when I tried! The inevitable cat on her lap was usually recognisable.

  4. That is lovely and so nice that she chose her place to rest. Makes you think about where you would like your own eternal spot to be …..

    • She and a mate had made a trip there some months ago. She and I had talked about these things a bit too. The burial site introduced me to two women running an independent undertaking business, who led us to our civil celebrant.

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