Experimental drawing – building new layers

Once I’ve posted a painting here, I feel I can destroy it.  Thanks to Kevin, the class tutor, for the discussions as I executed this.

I started with this


I spent a while looking at it.  This painting is just a platform for drawing in the roosting and soaring birds.  The shapes are too well defined but lack grandeur.

I drew back in charcoal to create a dark and friable ground then painted over with very wet gouache.  This suspended the carbon granules in pleasing shapes and released underlying colour into the new layer.I started to draw in to the base of the stacks in sepia ink but this hit pooled water and spread.  The dilemma was to stop or lift this out.

I stopped.  This is how it looked after drying a bit 40 minutes later.

The ink puddle seems to have moved – did I do that?

I will see this again on Saturday morning when I am in the same room for life drawing.  It will have dried as it is or will have been hung vertically to drip. I’m not sure what to expect.

Next week – I will draw back into this and re-define the shapes and colours and finally add the birds.  I am not sure what is the right medium for this.

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