experimental drawing

In the two hour session, I wanted to build the bones of a landscape that can be developed with further layers.  This is based on a photograph I took on the Yorkshire coast.  I’ve posted previous sketches from that area.

I reserved the huge area of limestone on the left into which I threw transparent watercolour.  I blocked in the rest in charcoal.  I floated white then coloured gouache liberally over the unfixed surface.  The unpainted reserved area was accidentally spattered with gouache which started to define its 3D shape.  Finally, I used a fairly unyielding paper towel to scrape away at it, first merging colours, then revealing deeper layers and finally lifting the paper surface itself.

The foreground does not yet give a sense of the wave-cut platform at right angles to the stacks.  These walls themselves need to convey a greater feeling of being massive.  Also what is missing are the birds.  Hundreds of birds roosting in the cliffs and soaring across spaces.  I will work into this and post the new version.

9 responses to “experimental drawing

    • Thanks Sharon.
      The truth is that I didn’t know how what I was doing would turn out. The original contrast between the heavy gouache and the transparent watercolour was deliberate but after that … The effect of rubbing the paper towel on the paint layers was a chance finding.

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