evil empire

Three sketches in conte crayon on black paper started outside and finished at home, stimulated by the recent life drawings of Rosie Scribblah.

Here are the original sketches, the first from my bike on the footbridge over the ford by the watermill, the other two on foot while my dog sat patiently by.

These drawings are a small respite, but with a pandemic uncontrolled by active choice of those with power, democracy devalued and the world moving to the tipping point for massive climate change, there seems small comfort in art. We are on the brink of knowing whether democracy can have a small win against careless self-serving misgovernment, a little step towards the next struggle, or whether the full force of devastation and destruction is to be unleashed on us at this time.

9 responses to “evil empire

    • Thank you. I don’t know how I intended them. Technically they are an ongoing exercise in paring back my drawing to find some kind of essence. But the text carries my mood, and that has to leak into the art. I’m glad you found resilience there. That is a theme in my teaching and mentorship.

    • Thanks and sorry for the despair. It has the 1930s feel, we can sense the crisis sliding towards us and express this in art and poetry but somehow we have to be active in working to change that future. Trump losing next week will be one small step of it happens but his allies hold many of the levers of power.

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