Revels of the recently risen, as the cold ones plight their troth


Dr Sketchy’s, themed on “Brides and Prejudice and Zombies”, at the Victoria pub in Birmingham last weekend.


Humour and imagination and hard work has gone into the into costumes and prosthetics, selection of music, script for the marriage service and backing images.


Ten to fifteen minute poses, drawn in pencil, ink, conte crayon and watercolour


I abandoned accuracy, drew with abandon and made up the details as I went on.


Exaggeration and anatomical distortion were pretty inevitable.


Credits to Lisa Troth, Trampy Holford, Steve Pledger, Liberty Pink, Kitten von Mew, Tiffany Beau and others.

5 responses to “Revels of the recently risen, as the cold ones plight their troth

  1. Great sketches Neil. I love the exaggeration and distortion. I think that interpretation often serves the artist better than detailed replication. BTW lucky you, we can’t take watercolour into our Dr Sketchy venue, but pastels are ok, duh?

  2. I am so impressed by the show the Brum Dr S always put on and I think you always capture their relish. At first look the mesmerist eyes of the last woman got me, but now it’s the woman with the green frame. I like how you’ve done her body, especially her left arm.

    • The last model is the marvellously named Kitten Von Mew, as the corpse bride (from the Tim Burton film). She had full face paint, but I am sure had stuck prostheses over her sockets – when I saw her later she did not have them. That’s dedication.
      She also modelled as the monster’s bride, holding the framed picture of Frankenstein’s creature. I experimented drawing her first in green crayon then painted in the negative space around her, before adding some paint over the crayon. So it was not perfect but I was happy enough with how the experiment turned out.

  3. These are great! Love the distortion on the figures… something of the George Grosz and Otto Dix about them. More please!!! 🙂 PS, I inadvertently put this comment on an earlier post from your Dr Sketchy drawings but really meant the Otto Dix/George Grosz reference for these drawings. Either way, Dr Sketchy events seem to bring out something in your drawing that I like very much. Immediate, distorted and a little bit scary! Good stuff! 🙂

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