I hope everyone has had happy holidays. This is how my first attempt in oils is shaping up. These are water miscible, but that just means I can wash brushes without toxicity.  I have switched to using linseed oil as the mixer where needed.  This builds on a charcoal dog-sketch transferred onto a textured canvass, prepared by painting over an old image in white acrylic.  After the first layer of oil I muted the garish colours in white, left it for a few days then scraped back.  I will leave this to harden a few days then work over it again. There is a kind of plan, but I dont wholly know what I am doing. The dog-sketch was from late September and I have some source photos.  However, I am  not setting out to be true to the original scene.  Comments and advice are welcome


11 responses to “mmm…

  1. Hi – nice progress. I can’t quite tell the order of the pictures above, what came first, then next, etc. You might want to number them in the caption to help – unless they are in order and I am missing something. I love using oils, the only thing I have ever used. I always say that I just smear paint onto canvas. The painting is in there already, you just have to coax it out by wiping away the paint that does not need to be there (I used a lot of rags) and then adding minor details where it needs it. Easier said than done, though….

    • Thanks. They start from the bottom. The most recent version is at the top. Your description makes absolute sense. I was using an old plastic membership card to scrape back and the textured under painting helps.

      • Ah, that helps. Reverse chronological. Thanks. I like the outcome. And I agree, an old underpainting (a reject) is often a good place to start a new one. Sometimes the colors shining through help the composition.

      • The old painting was an acrylic done by my daughter following Bob Ross tutorial – triangular mountains etc. She was happy that I re use the canvas. I had painted over it in white but it remains in the textures.

  2. It looks like you are slowly revealing the magic…I know thats an inadequate description. It’s like you are gradually inviting the viewer inside the landscape. I really like seeing the process too. (K)

  3. Mmm. Well, I think there are no mmm’s about your work in progress. It’s looking good. Oils are a great medium but do take some fiddling with before what one sees in the mind becomes a reality on the canvas. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks
      I am really liking the medium but it’s hard to know if I am just splatting pigment or creating art. But it’s slow art and I like this. My previous studio pieces have all been slow

  4. I love how you moved from drawing to painting. You don’t lose the spirit of the drawing —a tricky thing because painting seems different and intimidating. I’ve always only used the water-miscible and don’t feel limited by that.

    • Thanks. I’ll post the next iteration later and would welcome further comments. I genuinely don’t know how to control the paint on the brush. It’s so different to water colour or gouache. Those are held in the brush and smoothly glide off onto the tip. With oil I realise I shouldn’t clog the brush with paint, but mix with a knife and load paint just on the tip of the brush.

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