I sketch from a little wooden bridge across a brook running through a wood.  I am using H and 2B charcoal pencils, dabbing the paper with water to intensify tone and allow the image to emerge from rapid light lines.  Three years ago, in the spring of 2017, I drew this same scene in conte crayons on tinted paper.  Interestingly, that blog post linked back in succession to two further posts each with my random political reflections at the time of drawing. This sequence of drawings mark for me a pathway of descent.

Tonight,  on the brink of a lockdown that marks the utter failure of government public health policies, we are invited to doublethink, to hold its lies as truth, its greed as charity, its self-interest as science, its disregard for law as high principle, constrained as we are by newspeak, their simplified language that binds the media and opposition in chains, closing down thought and dissent.







9 responses to “Ditch

  1. So lovely to hear from you again in these horrific times. My husband has just written a submission to Get Up on Climate Change and then your post. Worrying times as, yes, we have governments that fail to follow Science in so many ways. We are fortunate re COVID here in Aus though Victoria is still in strong lockdown with many unhappy about it … the State Government, thankfully, standing firm while the opposing Federal government and Murdoch press are inciting those who feel the “cure is worse than the disease”. I feel for my friends in the UK and the USA. I hope for the sake of the world the Trump is not re-elected but there are so many lies, so much fuel for conflict. We are getting more political in a way but feeling so frustrated. My political rant over… love your sketches and the analysis.

    • Thank you, and it’s amazing to sense I’ve been missed. Unexpected on a blog. So thanks again. I have found it hard to find focus in drawing, so reverting to simplification to abstract at speed from observation, hence the use of charcoal pencils.
      Yes we are all having our consciousness raised but finding ourselves without the means to effect change.
      I have read Victoria standing out as doing well on coronavirus. Keep safe.

  2. Your drawings are lovely and a reminder that there is consolation in nature – and art. Hang in there in the next lockdown – I can’t understand how business says ‘open up the economy is collapsing’ when the economy is totally dependent on the health of people! It’s a mad world we live in. But keep drawing to keep sane!

  3. I was just going to say something similar to Sue–the trees are always there for us. I believe they will outlast even our self destruction, and no doubt be better for it. Your renderings are indeed lovely, full of energy.

    I understand less and less the motivations of people, especially our so called leaders. Money? Power? Just empty words when there’s nothing left after you’ve destroyed everything. Its looking more and more like mass insanity. (K)

    • I agree it feels like mass insanity. Maybe this is how it is at the end of empire, perhaps how it felt as the Roman Empire fell, Constantinople falling to the Vikings and Normans, undermined from within by its contradictions but the weakened state killed off by outside forces. Historians will look back and see one empire encompassing Britain and North America, moving its capital west from London to Washington just as Constantine moved his east from the Tiber to the shores of Mamara, an empire lasting half a millennium so less durable than the Roman Empire. And today’s statesmen (and they are almost all men) footnotes in history, just minor caricatures, like Nero fiddling and Caligula’s horse.

      • Yes, if there’s a history to be written of these times it will not be kind to our leaders. And it does feel like it’s collapsing from within, under the weight of its own incompetence.

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