Juvenile heron

I often see single herons standing just to one side of a group of cormorants as they preen and dry their wings, like the guy feeling awkward at a party.  There seems to be a sort of avoidance behaviour, a distance being observed, between these similar sized predators with their differently shaped weaponry.  This juvenile heron seemed to have not learned his manners.  He wandered and probed and preened round and within the cormorant group. They made low grumblings of distress and twisted their necks to follow him with their beaks.

Raven preening

On a distant branch, a huge crow – a raven I think – was preening itself, rapidly changing position, its black glossy plumage glinting in the sunlight.

Raven preening

These sketches show my experiments as I tried to catch its shape, first in fine pen lines and wash, then deepening the tone with a brushpen.

Raven preening

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