Experimental landscapes II: St Abb’s Head

Arriving at St Abb’s Head, I began an experimental approach suggested by tutor, Greg Poole. The overall purpose is to mess with your head and warp your cognition as you transfer observation to page. I took a page and folded it thus:

Imagine this folded into a book, with the spine on the left and pages still uncut. I numbered each panel, as a book, from front, one, two through to the back. The idea then was to draw each landscape on a double page of the book … but remember that unfolded, each of this pair was disconnected from the other. Regrettably, after three panels, I became hyper self-critical and abandoned this.

Still, I keep thinking on how to do this again. A key aim was to make us think about edges. In sketching nesting kittiwakes on page 1 and 2, one bird crosses from one panel to the next, but each was drawn separately.

They don’t quite match in the middle, but that is the point. Drawing each panel knowing it had to extend to the next meant I did not frame my picture neatly within my rectangle. My visual narrative thus extends to the rest of the world.

Greg is an interesting and insightful artist and tutor. In a very informal course structure, he kept me thinking.


4 responses to “Experimental landscapes II: St Abb’s Head

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    • Thanks
      As I say, I got the idea from Greg but want to explore it myself further. Even perhaps in the car with my kids this weekend ( I’m not driving). Please do post your results. I’m interested. I also want to try this one day just bird watching in the local reserve.

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