Looking, trying to see

I feel it is not enough for me to walk unseeing through my life.
I want to reach out and grasp the world around me, to capture images and meaning in charcoal and watercolour.

I am trying to draw birds’ movement and gesture: preening, mating, flying, fighting.  I am fascinated by the snakiness of their necks, the reptilian gaze, the predator’s reach.  These are snap views of lineages that reach back into ancient time when feathers accompanied sharp teeth and front slashing claws.




Here I painted a deep gorge that was once a plateau.  Once, unseen by the ancient humans walking above,  the hidden caverns held beauty carved and laid down by tricking water, before these collapsed.  Now these exposed rocks are themselves scored by lines from the falling rain, while the bedding planes give places for trees to root.



I think of myself as an artist.  I am also a physician, translational scientist, husband and father.

Thank you for looking at my work.

29 responses to “Looking, trying to see

  1. I enjoyed looking at your work, and will look at it again when I have a bit more time. It’s satisfying and inspiring! And I really appreciate your links to a fundraising cause. Thanks for introducing yourself to me!

    • These are very generous comments for which I thank you. To be honest, my linking the site to the cancer research charities has not been a great success in terms of anyone giving (and to be honest, why should they?) so I need to think this through and be a little more proactive in this area. Any thoughts anyone?

  2. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog. To answer your question, I paint from life, photos and my imagination. I wish the very best to you. Linda

  3. What about an ebay like auction of some works for cancer? Say over a 2 week period? Its the sort of thing that could really fan out if everyone who follows your blog mentioned it on their blog and facebook and encouraged their friends to do so too. Just an idea.

    • Thanks.
      I’ve been thinking what to do. My first objective is that I want to raise 6 grand somehow (not from my art! If only). We have a good chunk of money from generous donors for an 18 month project on immunity and melanoma (and cancer more generally), but our expenses for our tools are a bit tight. So ideas most welcome. My first job is to sort the bureaucracy to use the money we’ve got, but in the next few weeks I’m going to looking about how to fund raise in a more serious way.

  4. You are the second physician/ artist I have come across in the last 24 hours, the second really good physician/artist that I have come across n the last 24 hours.


    …let’s not tell my mother.
    She would berate me for another 10 years for not becoming a doctor…

  5. Thanks for stopping by my page. Your work has a deep sense of life, despair and hope all bubbling together- a real joy to experience.

  6. getting yourself out there through your art is a huge step. We can help each other, we can’t be each other, which, I hope, gives a sense of relief. Thanks for liking my blog. Cheers, Kristin

  7. your works are exploratory by nature. I like your translative approach links and references showing the stages of work. I can feel the process and movement Humanity in its diverse form is what I’d call your art.
    When I look at your work I can feel your internal fight mixed with experiment and
    intuition. It seems you absorb, addopt and swallow to reveal your own transformations..also seems you not afraid to break down the work structure and turn it into new quality searching for new point of view which indicates some new directions and new horizons.
    Will Inspector Sands please report immediately to the control area!” is my favourite..Why? The title plays with artwork in almost poetical way.There is also some kind of intrigue annonymyty and enigma involved..
    Wish you great journey of self discovery. Keep up your good work. Ewa.

    • Thank you Ewa. I really appreciate you dropping by to comment. As you know I really like your work too, including your use of found objects from our urban and industrial settings to create powerful images. I am flattered by your comments above, but in truth, your description is close to what I am trying to do.
      Best wishes

  8. Really enjoyed looking through some of your works. You’ve a great way with contrast and in itereting view point.

    • Thanks. Doing this blog has made me much more self aware as an artist, more willing to take risks too. So the feedback helps. I try to return the favour. I’m going to wander over and explore your blog too (if you have one) but later. I’ve just come to Chicago and have been travelling all day. As a sideline, I hope to do some more cityscapes while I’m here.

      • Very cool! I find your work intriguing and I also appreciate any and all feedback. I’vee been on a long hiatus from my work and getting thoughts from others is very helpful to me.

        Enjoy your visit to our lovely city!

  9. Thanks for the like on my post! I spent some time looking through your work, and it’s really good! You use a lot of different mediums, which I think is fantastic. I should loosen up a bit after having traipsed through your site here. You seem very experimental with your art. Not sure if that’s a reflection of your work as a physician/scientist, but it’s really neat to see. You’ve got a new follower! Thanks for stopping by my site.


  10. Just stumbled across your blog via another WordPress site. Very much enjoy looking over your shoulder as you give your blog visitors a continuous glimpse into your vision of the world. Love the directness and experimental nature of your art work.

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