Award ceremony

award1.png (253×252)

Seven interesting things about myself:

1. I have been continuously alive for at least 3 billion years.

2. It is a fact both mundane and remarkable that after unimaginably many generations, my death will finally extinguish that particular long line of chance survival events.

3. I count dinosaurs as my kin though not among my ancestors

4. I am cheerful that prehistoric chance resulted in it being us who eats them in family sized buckets.  It might so easily have been otherwise

5. Although long exiled, our family litany celebrates our shared ethnic identity as sarcopterygian fish

6. Genome for genome I am less than 1% human.  Most of me is made of bacteria.  For all my pretensions as an intellectual and artist, I am basically a walking compost heap.

7. Perhaps through a shared sense of identity, I make very good compost from the kitchen waste.  However, it mostly goes unused because I am an inept gardener.

I am honoured to have been named for this award by another blogger who enjoys my posts  Thank you.  Tim seems to have an ideal life, working out of doors in big landscapes and also undertaking interesting and delicate drawings such as this one

I have to nominate seven bloggers.  Now this is  a benign exercise that makes me acknowledge some people whose blogs I follow.  Still, these awards are in their nature memes.  So I just want to say – please do accept the award whether or not you follow the rules, write seven things about yourself or nominate anyone else.  For me, this post simply says that I like your blog.  I have picked seven that I follow, all focussing on their own art work. there could have been many others.