Seven lines and two colours

I invented a rule to abstract from the subject .  The rule limits any drawing to seven lines and two colours.

2016-08-22 Trerice 1

I consciously cheated on my own rule in these two drawings at Trerice, an Elizabethan house in Cornwall.  In the first, I followed the letter of the rule but not its spirit, drawing continuously to create more complex shapes and textures with a single so-called line.   Ironically, I wrote the rule above in blue ink then spread this with water to provide a third colour.   In the second, I used black crayon in addition to the permitted yellow and green, deciding black is not a colour.

2016-08-22 Trerice 3

Holiday sketches

2016-08-22 Trerice

On a damp afternoon, I sheltered from drizzle beneath a tree on a terraced slope above the Elizabethan manor, Trerice.  The children were inside dressing in mail and armour.  The house has a knot garden built of aromatic herbs and bordered by laden apple trees.

2016-08-22 11.21.20-3

I made only one sketch on our next day out at the Eden Project, quickly drawing some of the sculptures set within the Mediterranean climate biome.  I was impressed by the vision of those who had created a landscaped ecological museum in the desolation of a worked-out clay mine.

2016-08-24 19.43.48