Salt cellar and sugar bowl

I sketched this in the cafe at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

salt cellar and sugar bowl (5)

I called in to see the exhibition of SJ Peploe, leading light of the Scottish Colourist movement at the beginning of the last century.  I was struck by his progressive development to abstracting into geometrical shapes while retaining the overall composition in still life or landscape.

I was also moved by the sculptures of Eduardo Paolozzi.  “Vulcan” towered above my table in the cafe.  “Tyrannical Tower Crowned with Thorns of Violence” lurked in an alcove.


I admire gardeners and sculptors

To draw or paint with a really big palette.  That’s impressive and a skill I’ve never mastered.

I found my way  to the blog The Iris and the Lily.  There are beautiful photographs here, most recently of butterflies.  However, what caught my eye was the labyrinth Although the scale is different, this line in stone brought to my mind the sculpture of Andy Goldsworthy in Grizedale Forest in Cumbria, “taking a wall for a walk”.

Many years ago I came across a photograph in a scientific journal of leaves floating in an iced pool.  I was so struck I had to commit it to paint.

This was of course a photograph of famous sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy in which maple leaves were hand stitched into a mat draping the landscape.