Last sketches of the old year

These oddments are the remainder of December’s sketches.

2015 12 odd sketches (8)

Several were done on the train with my daughter as we went Christmas shopping – one of these pictures is of me but not by me, the others are by me but not of her!

2015 12 odd sketches (6)

2015 12 odd sketches (7)

I have tried to risk my own embarrassment and just get on with drawing people I see.  People do notice and look a little askance.  I wonder if someone will become irritated.  I try to be covert in my drawing – perhaps this is the problem.

2015 12 odd sketches (2)

A thirty second view from the train window.

2015 12 odd sketches (3)

Two drawings came from another train journey with my son.  We play a game – one of use draws a random line, the other completes this to a picture.  These two pictures, one mine, one his, took on a kind of Star Wars theme.

2015 12 odd sketches (5)

2015 12 odd sketches (4)

These next few were done in Singapore.  The first is again of the ludicrous Marina Sands hotel.  This time I was standing on a bridge linking giant artificial trees (one shown in the sketch) that disguise the exhaust vents for the power units for the Garden in the Bay.

2015 12 odd sketches (9)

This was the ten minute line drawing of the Sultan’s Mosque.  This was the sketch I had to abandon as I had to get back to catch a plane.

2015 12 odd sketches (10)

This was my one attempt to draw, sitting at a café table in humid heat, looking up at the old decorated buildings in Chinatown.

2015 12 odd sketches (13)

These people were sitting waiting for our plane to board at Singapore airport.  Both sketches began with pencil construction which I later erased.

2015 12 odd sketches (12)

2015 12 odd sketches (11)

And lastly, my son, today, muffled against the cold, sitting outside the pub waiting for his burger.

2015 12 odd sketches (23)