tinted paper I

This post of Rosie’s stimulated me to try (again) to try to pare my drawings down to a few simple tones.  This well known but challenging technique requires tinted paper to provide mid tones and then the image is built using white and black plus one other tone, commonly the rich sanguine red chalk.


I made three attempts to draw this Neolithic hand axe in artificial light, drawing from inside the shape and leaving the shadow and outline to the end.  In this, the third, I have ended up using seven tones including the paper.  The first two are below, with marks as I tried to find the colours linked to the paper’s hue.  I have used the widely available Daler Rowney Ingres A4 pastel paper with a tooth laid in horizontal lines.

2017-02-26-23-52-13-1 2017-02-26-23-51-44-2