Turner Prize show – Michael Dean: United Kingdom poverty line for two adults and two children: twenty thousand four hundred and thirty six pounds sterling as published on 1st September 2016


Michael Dean, says the blurb on the wall and everything else about him online, starts his sculpture with words and realises them in concrete and corrugated iron and soil and sand and when we went in the installation we found the doorway and battered locked hut plastered in stickers like advertising but these were meaningless words endlessly repeated and I do not remember them but I guess as the blurb says these were his starting point.  Michael Dean, says the blurb on the wall, moulds human body parts from found materials and scatters pennies heaped like landscape across the floor the smallest amount a family can have to live on in one year and not be designated poor minus one penny.


My daughter thought she spotted a pound thrown on the pile by some disapproving person vandalising modern art.