teleconference doodles

20131129 101

Two hours, listening.  Molecular pathways in malignant cells and how to target them.  Its exciting but it is also intellectually challenging.

Drawing is a trick to help me concentrate whereas note-taking is a distraction.

20131129 2

Its been a busy week.  The best I can post is a doodle.  Here are a few more from other meetings.  Most go into the waste bin.

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Do the dead know what time it is?

That’s the title of the track I’m listening to.  Kenneth Patchen was perhaps best described as a Beat poet. On this track he speaks over jazz accompaniment.  I can’t close down the computer until the track finishes.  Go on Spotify and listen … really.

These are accumulated doodles done on the ipad.



mmm – I wonder what you make of these.  I’m not sure myself.



finger painting, no mess.