Living dinosaurs

These are field sketches for the most part, starting with endless attempts to capture the shapes of cormorants as they preen and dry their wings in stony banks in the water.

Gannets up close and personal on Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth.

The malevolence of swans …

Silent killer of the marsh

An assortment of others

21 responses to “Living dinosaurs

  1. Stunning birds! I love them all! And your other work as well–“The Trial of Pussy Riot,” the Drone Series (chilling!). Gronk and Squeak should be published! Wonderful!

  2. Your skill with a paint brush, being able to catch the movements and flight of the bird and that look in their eyes with so few strokes is incredible. The amount of sketches en plein air proves that practice makes perfect.

    • Thank you. I am trying to do what you say, capture movement in a few strokes. I find it a real challenge to be honest. It does require practice. Also, I have had to go back to books and photos to get the anatomy and markings straight in my mind – the reality is I cannot “see” everything in a single observation. Some of what I think I see has, in reality, to be filled in by prior knowledge.
      I have just bought a book called the unfeathered bird, which takes an artists view, in detail, on bird anatomy. I hope this will help. Some excellent bird artists have spent years as observers for ornithology organisations, ringing birds. This means they have handled them live. It has clearly helped them to conceptualise birds in 3d. I have never done this, but perhaps I should.

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  4. Hello! love your drawings! your an amazing artist and I hope more and more people notice your art!

    Sorry of how I found out about this place I found you in the comments of tough little birds and I knew you had something to do with art!

    Sorry for the long comment your art is amazing!!!

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