Power and anger

In memory: Nelson Mandela, an icon of the human spirit.

ANC 11 (2)

The people, the land and the natural wealth

The people, the land and the natural wealth

The trial of Pussy Riot
I posted this on the day three young women, two of them mothers, were jailed in a Russian penal colony for two years for singing an anti-Putin punk prayer to Mary in church. I quoted from the Magnificat. Would that Christianity were driven by those revolutionary words written as being spoken at Jesus’ quickening and taking central place within the canon of Gospels.

Previously I had attempted political comment taking the form a giant pterodactyl.

David Cameron squeezed by forces he cannot control. Please suggest your own caption

Below is a cartoon I found from the 80s.

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2 responses to “Power and anger

  1. I like your tribute to Nelson Mandela . A true and admirable leader. The tri-colour abstraction below seems to me to be prophetic – dark clouds gathering until the issue of land and wealth redistribution is addressed …

    • Thanks Mari. I like your spontaneous news-driven etchings also.
      The tricolour was the flag of the African National Congress. I well remember that scene and those storm clouds, not many miles from where he now lies buried.

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