This started with a 15 minute sketch on Reading Station and a certain mood.

This was the sequence of painting, starting with the varying opacity seen through the canvas made by the initial acrylic white layer priming the canvas.

Then building in shapes taken from the platform, rails and evening sky in water-miscible oils.

Was this the point I should have stopped? It seemed too muted.

punched metal

punched metal 5

In the experimental drawing workshops, we worked on two pieces in parallel.  The first started as straight non-overlapping lines in charcoal and was posted as “Wildcode“.  The second was built from curved lines, always reserving an area of paper free of carbon stains.  This was then stored on a rack.  When I looked at it a week later, it had acquired an imprint of a piece of metal that was more interesting than the original drawing.  I built on that in charcoal layers, then throwing white gouache at it.  This is fixed and photographed.  I have cropped and tinted the image using Artrage on the iPad.

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Punched metal.

Jottings in May I: appartement

201305 jotting 05

Previously I posted a set of drawings from the YouTube clip of this Mats Ek ballet, with the haunting music from Fläskkvartetten.  Before drawing those pieces, I watched the clip over and over, painting largely without looking on scraps of paper, trying to get the feeling and rhythm of the work.

201305 jotting 01

201305 jotting 02 201305 jotting 03 201305 jotting 04 201305 jotting 06

Each time I watch, I am struck by something new.  At the end, how hard she breathes as she beats upon the door.