Step by step

Step by step,
This lobe finned fish
Crawled across land;
Radiated, was culled;  
Grew thumb on hand;
Heard, listened, spoke;
Asked what it is to be me;
Grasped stick in pincer grip,
Scratched images in the sand.






7 responses to “Step by step

    • The poem is original but I make no claims regarding its quality. It says something of my own sense of self for what it is worth, that we are set in an evolutionary context, that we have ideas and can make meaningul marks on the landscape. All that transitory art over thousands of years as people sat round a fire, talking in low voices, drawing in charcoal on stones or scraping lines in the dirt.
      As for “nothing vultured” is that a poem or a saying like toucan live as one, or ostrich in time saves nine?

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