This was a raised area in a wood in Cornwall marked on the map as a settlement. Now it is overgrown with trees and moss covers the area where I guess once people lived maybe surrounded by some kind of fence. No ruins were visible to me.

I painted this in gouache as an experiment in simplifying the colours and shapes looking for a print-like quality. The sketch in conte crayon and water was done on site.

8 responses to “Settlement

    • Thank you. So I’m on another social media platform which is not an art thing but people do “show and tell” arts and craft stuff they’ve done by way of conversation. Anyway someone had been doing painting by numbers as a form of relaxation. I was looking at that and then googling the history of painting by numbers. Actually, there’s a major gallery in the USA that has four of the original pbn that were created. Anyway, I was thinking how to build a picture in small delineated segments each painted flat from a selection of colours. That worked with the gouache I’d brought with me and matched the print look I was trying to achieve. Obviously, I didn’t draw it all out and number it! But I tried to mix a limited range of colours and stick to these and paint each segment flat, without shaping with brush strokes.

      • It’s great to hear your thought processes. Gouache seems particularly good for this approach, but your colour selection is perfect, fresh and light but deep too. Peefect for a wooded area. It has real clarity too.

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