More life drawing

My right hand is out of plaster and though it remains stiff, swollen and sore I was surprised how quickly I defaulted to drawing again with my dominant hand. I missed the warm up fast sketches having left my pad on the platform when I changed trains and having to go back up the line one stop to retrieve it. I had gone with a plan in mind, to focus on a particular shape, likely negative space, and build the drawing round this, filling the page. These were the results, in conte crayon.

4 responses to “More life drawing

  1. Sorry to read that you hurt your hand! Hope it heals up quickly and gives you no trouble in the future. Our bodies are all we have. We don’t need damage to them from whatever source. Maybe things have changed from the way they were in my days but I’d hazard a guess that most people don’t take sufficient care of their bodies, I mean health-wise. These drawings of yours read as expressionistic in nature. The second one down I like.

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