Left handed life drawing

So here’s a mix of drawings from our 90 minute session, and it will be obvious which were 2, 5, 10 and 20 minute sketches. We had a great model with excellent muscle definition. I switched media throughout, just for fun. Working only with my non-dominant hand is freeing. I think my lines are bolder, and this makes up for poorer fine coordination. I am generally working from inside out, blocking in content before finding the lines. One of the artists there is a professional sculptor recently moved from China, still looking at how to work here. Her drawings look like sculptures, extending off the page with wonderful definition of three dimensional shape. She was generous in her discussion of my drawings. The fourth down, the last I drew, was built on the contrast between the man and the red blanket he sat on. I felt I had struggled to control my materials. She, however, drew my attention to the abstraction and non-natural colours of Fauvism. I like this and I think I will try more for this sense next time.

7 responses to “Left handed life drawing

  1. These are really good, the pen and wash are my particular favourites. The blue pen, a short pose I am guessing, is really striking. It was definitely a good choice to go with your non-dominant hand.

  2. Are you finding using the ‘non-dom’ (!) hand liberating? You seem to have pretty good control overall – and the images show great form and solidity – especially the 3rd from bottom.

    • Yes. It’s surprising. I think my control remains poor. I can barely write. I’m guessing it’s something like my right brain now has a direct connection through my left hand to the media without getting filtered by the boring obsessive verbal never-shuts-up untalented left side. Right brain is loving it.

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