Left handed drawing

I have broken my wrist on my dominant side and it’s immobilised in a cast. Using my left hand, I write like a five year old, carefully printing each character. Each movement requires conscious control. Here are two left handed sketches. I am using as references images taken from my various twitter feeds.

This is Mo Mowlam, who as a government minister entered the notorious H block to negotiate with sectarian terrorists the peace that is the foundation of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

This was my first attempt. Anita Berber, incredible queer Berlin cabaret star of the early 20th century, who did not survive to her 30th birthday. This is from the twitter feed Whores of Yore from historian Dr Kate Lister. I can strongly recommend her book A Curious History of Sex.

16 responses to “Left handed drawing

    • Thanks. To be honest I’m pleased I can do this. I was already working on drawing faces before breaking my wrist. It’s the fine movements that are hard. Also I’m trying to take this opportunity to draw differently – not sure I’m doing that.

  1. I love your Anita Berber sketch! I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say you haven’t really been trying to draw differently from your usual approach. Throw away chasing after fine control and embrace the wild and uncomfortable. To help this along I you could also try a different mefium, charcoal or a brush pen and actively seek to enhance that effect.

    Still in do hope your wrist recovers fully.

  2. I used to have a sketchbook where I deliberately drew with my left hand. My right hand work is of wildly varying quality so actually it’s not yhat different in the end, even though it feels awkward. I like 6hese. (K)

    • I’ll be honest I’m impressed with them myself and I don’t often say that about my drawings. It’s weird. My left hand writing is restricted to printed characters like a year old. I’m amazed I can draw still. But fine coordination like round the eyes is really challenging.

  3. Given where our PM is going today I dread the outcome for the whole of Ireland. High time the political street art was replaced with images of doves the symbol of peace.

    As for left hand drawing, it’s a really good thing to do if you’re left handed and vice versa. You should be proud of the results. I would be!

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