This sketch in gouache (ultramarine, burnt sienna and white) is based on this tweet from @AuschwitzMuseum.
Ala Gartner was a member of the active resistance against the Nazis and stole explosives to enable the Sonderkommando (who operated the crematoria) to sabotage the Auschwitz killing machine. Before being transported to Auschwitz in 1943, while enslaved as a worker and living in the Sosnowiec Ghetto in Upper Silesia, Poland, Ala married Bernhard Holtz. That too seems like an act of resistance.
She was murdered two weeks before the camp was liberated.

6 responses to “Resistance

    • Thanks. It’s incredible. There’s a weird thing on Twitter in which people were operating accounts (respectfully) in her name and her husband’s. I found this trying to find if he’d survived. I still don’t know. There’s a film here I think of only someone would make it. Though I’ve never seen Schindlers List.

      • The internet is often a rabbit hole that has too much information, and not the answer to the question you are asking. I’m not a movie person, but you are probably right.

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