Castle trees

Out drawing with OutsideAuthority at Newark (and earlier in the day Southwell Minster). Here we were looking across the river, through trees on the near bank, to the castle. I am trying to get something of these twigs that cascade down from the main branches.

I look back at stuff I have done before and it almost feels like i have forgotten how to do this.

In this next one, I am looking at the pub (longingly). The idea was roofline, toned paper against grey sky, tree, white front to buildings, stop. I have put in too much. OA was there, and wondered why I threw in so many lines at the end.

Next time we draw together, hopefully early March, we are considering an landscape exercise based on the structure of 90 minute life drawing sessions: use a timer, do sketches in rapid sequence 2 mins, 2 mins, 5, mins, 10 mins, 10mins, 20mins x3.

7 responses to “Castle trees

    • But you said … 🥺
      No you’ve not signed up to anything.
      It’s funny, I can’t do a 2 minute sketch and 20 is still short for me.
      I’m projecting my needs on to you I think. 😂

      • When we draw together we never actually watch each other draw. I actually have no idea what you do. You have a better idea because you are done and come over to see me still labouring slowly away. Do you really create your amazing sketches in so little time?

  1. I think it would be really good to do landscape with timing like life drawing. I find that I can use an inordinate amount of time to make one sketch , which I then realise isn’t what I want to focus on. Your suggestion would encourage more exploration before committing to a final sketch.

    • Yes. I realise this is to help me. Conversely, I find OA’s responses above are insightful. OA already does very quick sketches. I am always impressed. So it’s trying to impose on myself some of that vision and speedy decision making in drawing.

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