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Working top to bottom these were three 20 minute poses, two for ten minutes, one at five and two 2-minuters. I was working A4 on white paper and with crayon on toned hybrid A4-A3 recycled brown paper usually used for scrap-booking (not a great surface but all I could find on the day).

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    • Thanks. The funny thing is that I have your drawings in mind to start with, and the aim is to use just the classic conte shades (black, white, sanguine) on toned paper, or sometimes non standard darks like blue or green. But when I do this, I inevitably end up layering other colours on them and cannot find your (seemingly) effortless simplicity.

  1. Looks like the practise is paying off. I like the forms you are creating with your tonal work. The figures are starting to have a more naturalistic feel to them – compared to your earlier postings. Some people may prefer your earlier style, but this work shows to me that you are paying more attention to detail. Perhaps you have more time to do this as you are working faster now.

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