At the life drawing session, the model was once again Sophie who holds the most amazing positions and whose animated features still shine with humour as we draw. Previously I have worked in charcoal pencil and conte crayon. Today, I worked in pen and ink, grabbing the wash off the nib with a water brush. The first 2 minute poses were drawn free but subsequently I built a construction in pencil.

Sophie has beautiful tattoos. For the first time I tried to at least reference these in the longer drawings.

16 responses to “Ink

    • Truth is that was a two minute sketch and the first one of the session. I hadn’t planned how to work and decided then and there to work in pen and wash. So for that quick sketch I just focussed on the negative spaces. But writing this has given me an idea for next week, especially if we have the same model. I might build one of the longer timed drawings around negative spaces and show her tattoos, not on her body I put projected onto the negative space. Ie put the focus on the ink.

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