tall and slender does not fit A4

This week the model was willowy, so different from the solid man last week whose bulk naturally filled an A4 page. The page was mostly space. By the time we reached 20 minute poses my charcoal and conte pencils were blunt and I was trying fine lines with the edge of conte blocks. Mostly I could not wrap my brain round how to draw her. She had a lively curious face, holding a pose while her eyes darted across us. I wish I could have captured that.

5 responses to “tall and slender does not fit A4

  1. Very difficult defining all but the broadest facial features on A4 with pastel. I would even find A2 a bit restrictive. Though, if you use the larger sheets you probably need at least twenty minutes.

  2. Good effort. But agree with Graham about A2 being too restrictive. heads, or feet missing can be a pain. A2 is good for lots of smaller fast sketches, and single longer poses, I’ve found. love your braveness and use of mediums.

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