border wars

Out walking the dog along the canal there are markers of unseen territorial disputes. The graffiti here has meanings that relate to male gang culture, shot through with misogyny and abuse.

I have used this to explore how to build textures with monochrome linocut printing. Here are the earlier attempts.

14 responses to “border wars

  1. I like this idea a lot, graffiti is well suited to the medium, who knew? And the black and white scheme emphasizes the shapes and makes them more overbearing? Lots to look at here in these images

  2. I agree with Claudia, this medium is perfectly suited to graffiti. The water reflections are haunting, giving a glimpse into the future of these attempts at communication. (K)

    • Thanks
      It’s a discipline on my drawing I think and gives a purpose, learning how to build textures. I want to find a way of representing half tones in monochrome, like stippling.

    • It’s all very much experimentation. It’s time consuming though. This was in soft materials. I’m switching to hard Lino which should take more subtle marks.

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