Pile of weeds

My son is setting up a gardening business based on the principles of permaculture.  He has taken over an allotment to serve as his laboratory.  My youngest son and I have spent recent weekends helping him clear this of unwanted foliage and junk.  Currently he is proud owner of a very large pile of weeds.

7 responses to “Pile of weeds

  1. Great that your son is becoming involved with this enterprise. In a grass roots way, my husband chairs our local community garden, where no pollutants are allowed. He heads a lovely team of enthusiasts who have bettered our gardening environment.

    • That sounds great. Along with many other things, we have to Green our urban environment. Jon’s still learning, though he’d son a horticulture course and had other experience. So this is an exciting start. Good to get my younger son involved too.

  2. I am thinking about selling my old copy of Bill Mollison’s Designer’s Manual. I don’t think I am going to come around to practicing permaculture in this life, I don’t have land and since Germany is densely populated and land is therefore expensive, I’m not able to buy some. Where land is cheap you are far away from any job so if you don’t have the capital already, it does not work. That is, I think, why permaculture never really took of here or was restricted to a relatively small group of people. I still find the approach interesting, but if I am honest, the book is just standing around in my book shelf collecting dust. I have already given away my other permaculture books but kept this one. It is full of interesting ideas although I am not sure they all work and Mollison tried them all, but it is definitely worth reading if you want to work in that direction. He was a strange guy (his autobiography is extremely funny to read!). So maybe he is interested (if he does not have it already).

    • That’s really helpful information. I don’t know much about it. It’s my sons project. There is an agenda. He wants to develop his skills and company then maybe bid for bigger urban space contracts from local authorities. Maybe a pipe dream (also literally given what else he’s grown on the past or maybe indulged in on permaculture course) but attitudes may be changing. He might buy your book too.

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