21 responses to “Sanctuary

    • Thanks Kerfe. I hope you are well. Textures are what I love in art. These made in part with my fingers and with an eraser into charcoal on Amazon parcel wrap (surprisingly good surface).
      This is from a set of photo ideas I’ve shared with Outside Authority as a staring point for artworks. They are a mix of tree stumps with holes and the Piper windows in Coventry Cathedral. I’m not wholly sure why I chose that mix or where I myself will take this.

      • I know you love textures and the detail! I was say this to someone I was showing the prompt photos to and explaining that they are exactly two things that I struggle with!

      • Interesting I’d not seen it that way in selecting the photos. I’ve kept back the reasoning for the selection in case it skewed your view, but it wasn’t texture. That’s just how I approached first sketch is all.

      • If you want to see the reference photos too let me know. I could just put them on the blog anyway. OA and I intermittently go drawing together and can’t do this with social distancing. Hence the photos.

      • I’m looking forward to it. This was a mainly charcoal sketch, really just done straight from the photo, to start me thinking. That was last weekend. I didn’t do any this weekend: I’ve started to support my second son on his allotment which could serve as his laboratory for the gardening business he’s setting up, and allows distanced contact for us, and a focus out the house for my youngest son also. I took drawing stuff but didn’t do any, just weeded. Hopefully though I’ll start drawing there though.

      • Ok, I’m back, for 10 mins anyway. I struggled with the stump photos, but began as you have, by sketching directly from them. My response tended (as always?) to the shapes. I next wanted to take the shapes out of their environment as either a fabric pattern or as catalogued shapes lined up on a page or even a carved bar of soap. At the start of lockdown, I was reading/looking at a Henry Moore book and I had in mind a particular sculpture of his (I will photograph and Whats App it to you) that I wanted to mimic with the isolated shapes of the stumps. This ‘development’ was all in my head however and I got no further and swapped to the Coventry windows! I will post them tonight. So the similarities I was thinking of? – isolating the stumps from their environment, presenting them as a set of three, having to start as I direct response to drawing what I could see in the photos. Differences? – detail and texture!

      • Just a thought. The photos are a start point that’s all, right? So if they send you off looking at different tree stumps that you and draw from life or to different stained glass windows or a different building, that works too. No point in being too restrictive, unless you think that’s the point.

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