for sale

I cycle past this old mill regularly.  Its for sale.  It looks ridiculously impractical and probably a money trap.  Still, I cant help dreaming as I go past.  Next to the mill is the river, widening at this point and a ford with a foot bridge.  I have drawn from that bridge before, below are sketches from 2016 and 2014.


6 responses to “for sale

    • Yes, that’s how it strikes me. You know JRR Tolkien grew up round here. 100 years ago before urban sprawl engulfed these villages and towns, this was rural industry, Hobbiton if you like. This one is not Ted Sandyman’s Old Mill on the Water, that is several miles in towards the city, but another like it but smaller.
      I hope you are well.

    • Thanks
      I find I have a slight tremor now trying to draw standing in small pas. I may switch to charcoal to do fast sketches. But really the trick is in the seeing not the drawing.

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