Found sculpture


This sculpture was found by Outside Authority.  Here I have more or less copied their photograph in charcoal, chalk and white acrylic paint.  This took a Bank Holiday afternoon, and is a start, a way of getting to grips with the source material. I have an idea how to take this forward that builds on the segmentation of the image made by the wire fence. I used the companion photograph in a previous piece, starting as a random scribble which I disrupted and reworked as Pilgrimage through the detritus of growth.

But see how OA has worked the same source of inspiration, starting with cut-outs in a manner like Matisse, development, modelling in three dimensions, re-working back onto paper, and expression in fabric.  This is a fascinating sequence of work.  Also, it is well worth while reviewing the surrounding posts from OA around the same time, the portraiture developing a view from an unconventional angle.  I pick two examples from a plethora of work, “Vying” and “Diary” but I find this whole sequence moving, and astonishing in the breadth of exploration through varying media.

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10 responses to “Found sculpture

    • OA and I buddy up to go drawing sometimes. We are both spare time artists but OA is in a different league in productivity, skill and artistic exploration, in my view.

  1. Firstly, I love the painting.( I like how you have included the wire of the security fence infront of the camera.) You have admirably picked up all the shapes that first attracted me to it AND the textures AND placed it in its environment. I’m so glad it has been captured as the original is, no longer!
    Thank you for the nice things you have said about my responses too. I hope you found some diversion in creating the painting. BW OA

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