We are all doing our best, at home or in scrubs, masked, at work.

Yet there seems a vacuum in government, a deliberate loss of governance.

Four months in, locked down, our health system turned upside down, we have yet to start the actual work of managing the pandemic.

The core work of Public Health is being outsourced to amateurs, like contracting cross-channel supply to a company without boats.

Still no systematic identification of cases, testing, contact tracing, isolation of individuals.

Meanwhile our population isolation is being eased, spasmodically, to suit the news cycle.

Only now we start quarantining arrivals and at the same time, schools are to open, shops to open.

Will home-made masks and two metre distancing be enough to stop another explosion?

And in the midst of this, there is no accountability for those in charge, no rule of law.

Is this a sideshow, have they their own agenda to pursue while we are distracted?

Clever hands deceive the eye.


13 responses to “Dystopia

  1. OMG. What a dreadful situation your country is in. I truly feel for you in your position with incompetents leading the charge. Any difficulties we’ve faced in New Zealand have been minor because of the sensible approach our government has taken from the start. It’s a wonder you feel like sketching.

    • I love the film of your lovely PM in the midst of an earth tremor this weekend.
      I find it hard to sketch. I get trapped following the awful news unfolding. And of course I am still working, remote and face to face consultations with patients and a coronavirus / cancer research: we have so much to learn.

      • Forgive me for taking issue with you, Neil, but as an anarchist, certainly philosophically so, I have no faith whatsoever in external government, seeing all such government as a kind-of obsolete apparatus designed and employed by the rich and powerful to oppress the great mass of the people.

  2. My opening words “forgive me” were not meant to be taken literally. I used the expression idiomatically, as a polite way of starting to say something in response to your thoughts that would not seem argumentative! Hope that clarifies! 🙂

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