Pilgrimage through the detritus of growth


This piece arose from a reference photograph selected by Outside Authority.  Their interpretation of the same elements (with reference to both Henry Moore and Matisse I think) is here and here.

I flooded my original doodle with water, ink, white acrylic paint and ground chalk pastel, heated it dry and then worked back into it with knife, ink and watercolour.


11 responses to “Pilgrimage through the detritus of growth

  1. Wow! This has really taken off. I’m interested that in a couple you have blanked out the background. I did the same early on, to isolate the shapes. The similarities end there! I will post some more of mine. Lush colours and textures too

    • There’s more from those images to come, albeit still in my head. It’s now the second one that intrigues me, with the wire fence. Thanks for triggering this and your comments. What’s it done is open me into a well worn route – drawing an image, then disrupting it, then finding the narrative in what turns out. It’s a creative process, but is different to the more studied exploration of new techniques you are doing, drawing in approaches from the great artists and playing with ideas. Yours is more systematic and I think ultimately more rewarding and fundamentally artistic approach. Having got started again, I will try to get out of my comfort zone with what comes next. I have a pair of photo references in mind in return so let me know when you want them, but there’s legs still in this one.

      • Two different approaches as good as each other I should think, much more interesting that we are going in different directions. My output will remain as exploration I think rather than getting anywhere particularly, which is fine. I have gone off in a sculptural mode, but think I may be coming to the end of that now (yet to post it all yet though). I have two themes going on side by side – this ‘found sculpture’, as I refer to it, and seated figures. Wait until you come to a finish, then send over the next starting point! I like your description of ‘disrupting’ an image. I’m going to have to remember that.

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