I have done my consultations this week by phone.  But you learn so much from seeing someone’s demeanour, how they rise from a chair and walk across the waiting room.  I have become blind, and must rely on listening more to detect those subtle clues.

The main benefit is people not travelling long distances by public transport or sitting waiting in a crowded room.  Still, someone has to get close to take the blood sample and to give the treatment.

My greatest social distancing pleasure comes from walking the dog across fields, through woods, and along the stream.  He imagines himself the lead explorer, running back now and again to check on me.

He has taught himself that when I stop to draw, he will sit and wait by me.

10 responses to “blinded

    • Me too. It makes my day. He is not exactly an obedient hound. He pays attention to my commands, then makes his own decisions on what to do. But when I stand and draw, I keep an eye out for him roaming around, rather than ordering him to wait or putting him on the lead. To my surprise, I find he’s just come and quietly sat beside me.
      When he was a pup, he would try to help, nosing the pad and trying to take the pencil, like a toddler imitating my behaviour (but of course a dog acts with its mouth as we do hands).

      • that’s great! My dog acts like this when I take photos, he stops and patiently waits. When I draw he’s not as impressed, I guess I take too long and he goes off on his own. 🙂
        Right now there’s still too much snow for drawing, but soon!

    • No but now I will read it. Mass blindness? I always liked day of the triffids. But for me, I hadn’t realised I rely on visual cues so much. The telephone is better than nothing but definitely limited.

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