Red Black 3: music



My guitar teacher is a sucker for Brazilian rhythms, though her interests span the globe.  I am currently working on both the melody and accompaniment to a pair of Brazilian songs “Minha Jangada” and “Praia do Janga” running back to back with change of key between.  The first of these is on this wonderfully pixellated monochrome video, which feels like a possible source for further artwork.  Previously, I was learning two Klezmer pieces written by Josi Hartmann in commemoration of the Holocaust, one of which is here.  My taking up guitar later in life led my wife to do what she had dreamed of from a child and learn to play the flute.

Zen Brush 2 app, iphone 7, fingers.

6 responses to “Red Black 3: music

  1. I love those colors!
    Music is a wonderful addition to life. My father used to play the piano and we would all sing along…those were good times. Nina and I used to sing to her piano playing when we were very young as well. If she lived closer…(K)

  2. I’m something of an electric strummer myself… but recently acquired a very nice Yamaha acoustic and am trying (a very slow / gradual process) to learn finger style – Chet Atkins sort-of thing… it ain’t easy! Good luck with your playing!

    • Thanks. I started with a uke. My father in law is a luthier and gave me the tenor uke he made, I was honoured so I went to get lessons. But ten months in I felt I had to switch to guitar so bought a cheap acoustic. After a year switched to electric. I mainly play that but also acoustic as break from working. I am not sure what I do. Currently playing a couple of Brazilian folk songs – fishing songs. I learn both melody and chords. Very challenging. My hands just don’t do what I want. When I started I had this image of watching giraffes at a watering hole. Like their necks, my fingers go up and down, but I don’t control this.

      • Well, I’ve been playing guitar since the age of approx 12… but never really got into it over-seriously… mainly found it a great accompaniment to singing. I watched a portion of the video you provided a link for and was struck by the fact that everyone seemed to be busy doing something. Found it a bit surreal. And those men carrying long logs… wow, tree trunks are heavy. One false move. I like the giraffe analogy!

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