Happy new bear

My 12-year old daughter equipped herself with small canvasses and set out to paint Christmas presents for the family.  These were mostly variations on mountains, pine trees and rivers, with one picture of am imagined solar system for her next brother up.  However, her second biggest brother commissioned a larger painting which was to include trees, a river, a bear and a greyhound.

She worked on a background full of tree shapes in greens and muted violets and greys.  She painted and repainted a large area of brown in the fore and mid-ground and then got stuck.  I tried helping but was stuck myself: I don’t paint in acrylics like this myself so needed to experiment before I could show her.  Eventually I was sub-contracted to finish the painting while she went out shopping with her friend.  I used opaque paint to darken her trees. With hindsight, I wish I had photographed her version first, and then used transparent glazes to have kept her original trees more visible.

Sorry, the greyhound is too much I think for this composition!

12 responses to “Happy new bear

  1. Well, I really like it. It makes me think of a place I went hiking with the Girl Scouts about one million years ago (we did not see a bear, though). Don’t know why, but as I looked at it, that memory came up.

    • I’m not sure about trust. She’s 12 so quickly tired of something she could not work out how to do. Completing it for her solved a problem but was not good teaching. I’d have done better to start my own picture and paint it alongside her. Live and learn.

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