Results – Vote for Policies

Results – Vote for Policies
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So this survey site seems safe and not selling on our data.

They compare policies across national party manifestos and let you pick blind (not so blind as Tory and Brexit party’s’ policies stand out like a box of frogs).

These is a profile of my preferred policies. Looks like I am Green. I still plan to vote Labour. That’s my best chance tactically anyway and what’s striking is how close the three progressive parties are to each other.

Tactical voting is crucial now if we don’t want to crash out of Europe, be sold off to Trump and have our democracy crushed under illiberal measures.

6 responses to “Results – Vote for Policies

  1. Really interesting. In Australia we have preferential voting so I can vote Greens first then Labor second. If the Greens get knocked out their preferences are distributed – in most cases to Labor. It seems complex but is probably better than ‘first past the post’ – which skews voting because you need to be tactical with your vote and not vote as you would really like.

    However I just read that the opinion polls are showing a move away from the Tories – fingers crossed!!

    • Thanks

      I daren’t hope …
      I’ve been out campaigning each weekend since it started. It’s as much a psychological boost for me as being of use.
      Challenging… Johnson deliberately called election for after students gone home for holidays so their vote diluted round country instead of concentrated in university cities where it might count.

    • Too distant I think and northern Irish too. But if Scotland declares independence I’ll be straight down the embassy with an application form. But biggest concern is shortsightedness and stupidity and avarice of new governments policies

      • And where Cameron and his followers are concerned sheer forgetfulness… the Irish border and the troubles – not just of recent times but down through the centuries – were never mentioned when the British people were given the vote on whether to leave the EU or not. Or maybe not forgetfulness so much as plain bloody-mindedness!

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