26 responses to “Riddle

  1. I’m a new fan, and your pictures are glorious. I wonder if your intricate, wonderful trees provide a clue to the riddle’s answer? Not fishing for clues here, just enjoying the images and the pondering. For me the key is: What do we create solely by thought? What comes to my mind is our notion of the divine. My apologies for drifting verbosely here. I look forward to seeing more of your fine work.

    • Thanks JMN. I appreciate your thinking about the riddle. I have a piece of fiction in progress to take this idea further, but my time is a little limited right now (supposedly on holiday but still working, how crap is that?).

      • The riddle is lovely — thought, life, chemistry, physics. It’s the kind of thing I like to think about as I court sleep at day’s end. Very interesting that you have a work of fiction going. You mention guitar and ukulele in one of your blog’s comment threads. We have several things in common!

      • I noticed. Playing guitar is cool, but I wish brain and fingers could follow the music in my head. Reading music makes me understand a little what it might be like to be dyslexic.

      • You have music in your head that wants following. That’s a wellspring of creativity, I would think. It suggests a bent for composing, which seems to me may come from the same place you tap in your drawing (and riddles). Guitar has been a perennial, recurring project with me. Of late I’m on a mission (again) to better understand certain facets of music theory, on one hand, and on the other to navigate the fretboard with greater clarity. I’m also trying to craft some kind of graphical expression, crude though it be, of musical relationships — specifically, intervals, modes, scales. I would like to progress from fingering the guitar, which I do moderately well, to playing it with cognition and transparency, transcending mere patterns! I note your mention of dyslexia with reference to reading music. It seems insightful to me. I read notation, but laboriously, not fluently. It’s akin to decoding cerebrally, rather than streaming data straight to the tiny muscles, as I crudely think of it.

      • Well, it’s a great programme and I’m still pondering the answer to your riddle based on it…So far, I am deliberating between three possibilities, which are Time, Brexit and a casserole! Not necessarily in that order! Hmmm!!! 👍

      • The first lecture in the comedy was clearly researched from Carlo Rovelli’s “the order of time”. It’s a recently published book for lay reader from physicist studying quantum gravity. One truth smuggled through is that physics has no need for time and in fact demolishes the concept. So how do we have this perception of time? That’s what Rovelli discusses and that’s the riddle. My riddle may be obscure but the book is mind blowing. Still I like Brexit and a casserole as answers too. Especially the casserole.

      • Well, I’m thrilled to bits to read this because I thought I’d spotted that truth and then thought I was mistaken. I didn’t know about the book but it sounds fascinating. I shall try. Mind you, I have tried several times to read The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen by the Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw and still can’t get my brain to work! I wish I was brighter! Thanks for solving the riddle, and I love your drawings too.

      • This is a theme I’m coming back to in future posts. Try the book. We all struggle with this stuff without the math. But it’s profound.

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