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      These are all drawn quite quickly, standing up. These have been done over three weekends, going for a cycle to the nature reserve not long before it gets dark, going to the same spot to try again. The last one – my usual fountain pen had run out so I was using different tools which shaped it differently. It’s actually the first attempt. The others were sort of based on the Oliver Loveley idea of using varied marks almost as a map of texture rather than simply to reproduce what I saw. I went over it with crayon at home later.
      As for the detail, I despair over that. There’s a disparaging comment I remember from a drawing book when I was a kid “rivet merchant” i.e. the artist who draws every rivet in a surface to the detriment t of the image. I want to simplify and abstract but cognitively, I struggle with that. That’s the point of this exercise. To start with these detailed drawings so I know my subject and go back tomorrow and start again, drawing less each time.

  1. Congratulations on having the persistence to keep returning to this subject, I think it has really paid off in these sketches. My personal favourite is the 4th sketch which has a real ‘notan’ feel about it. It really sets the tonal values out most clearly.

  2. Wonderful work – it’s great to see your different interpretations. Sometimes you can look at a work a few months later and be surprised to see that what you were not happy with, is actually pretty good!

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